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In the second batch of centralized land supply this year, it is hoped that a total price of 620 million yuan will be bid for a house in Zhuantang. Within two months of acquiring the land, the plan for this land parcel was released quickly, and the name of the project was confirmed. It is called Jincui Qiyuan Mansion, and five small high-rise buildings with 7-11 floors and one public rental housing building will be built.

The main entrance of Hope·Jincui Qiyuan Mansion is located on Mengyuan Street in the south, close to the Professional Basic Teaching Department of China Academy of Art on the east side, and Zhuantang No. 2 Kindergarten under construction on the north side, across the street from No. The northwest faces the neighborhood center. Compared with Zhijiang Yipin, the surrounding interface of Jincui Qiyuan Mansion is slightly better.

The reporter walked around the project, but did not see the sales office. We understand that Jincui Qiyuan Mansion is aimed at high-end home improvement, and all made 245 square meters of flat-floor products, with a unit price of 31,350 yuan/square meter, and the total price needs to be about 7.7 million yuan.

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Greentown River No. 1 Details

Second-hand house for sale in Hangzhou Greentown Zhijiang No. 1

No. 1 Gezhijiang, Jincui Qiyuanfu 1st Road, is a well-known improvement project in Zhuantangbei area, and the second-hand market has active transactions. Haozhaofang data shows that the current average listing price of Zhijiang No. 1 is 49,001 yuan/square meter, and the average transaction price is 37,180 yuan/square meter.

"Zhijiang No. 1 is definitely a large apartment now, and the transaction price is basically around 40,000 yuan per square meter. Because of the age, the property in Langjun Garden was not good before, so many people like it, and the price will be a little bit, but it has changed. After Vanke Property, now.” I love my family’s Fangjiayuan store told reporters that most of the surrounding communities are residential areas and resettlement houses, many of which do not have real estate certificates, so there are two nearby second-hand housing transactions, Zhijiang No. 1 and Langjun Garden. Looking at it this way, the price of new houses in Jincui Qiyuan Mansion is nearly 10,000 yuan higher than that of Zhijiang No. 1, which can be said to be very upside down.

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Second-hand housing in No. 1 Zhijiang, Greentown, Hangzhou

Second-hand housing of Hangzhou Greentown Zhijiang No. 1 (East District)

In addition to Zhijiang Yipin and Jincui Qiyuan Mansion, there is currently a new house project in the Zhuantang section, Xiyue Yunhe Garden.

In September 2020, Hangzhou Metro Group Zhuantang won two adjacent houses in one go. They were sold at a reserve price. Later, they were merged and developed, and the blue and green twin cities were traded.

According to the planning plan, the No. 63 house in the north will build three 6-story bungalows and a kindergarten with 9 shifts. The hardcover price limit is 35,400 yuan/square meter. On the south side of the plot No. 64, 11 6-story bungalows, 7 16-story high-rise buildings and 1 public rental housing will be built. The hardcover price limit is 31,400 yuan/square meter.

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